Artist - Peg Grady

Artist Statement
I was born and grew up in Queens, NY. I went to New York City public schools, then NYU and City University of NY. I left New York at 25 and came to California, where I tried a number of jobs while dabbling in art. When I returned to college when I hit 40, an artist friend advised me to “paint as if it was your last gig.” And that’s what I do . . . experimenting, revising, testing out different ideas, playing with my materials until I’m either satisfied that I’ve got a good piece, or so disgusted with the whole mess I throw it out, leave the studio, and go home.

I now live in Santa Margarita. My partner, Don, and I have a tiny house on 13 acres, covered with oaks and pines, two seasonal ponds and inhabited by a huge variety of birds and animals. Sometimes I walk outside and wonder how a girl from New York City ended up here.

Don is a musician, I’m a painter, and life is good.