Artist - Pete Moore

Artist Statement
Pete Moore is an artist woodworker from Atascadero, CA, where he lives with his wife. Pete worked as an LA county lifeguard for over 30 years, and has always had a passion for surfing and the ocean. He has been creating “Perfectly Flawed Wood Creations” since 1999. After retiring in 2009, Pete moved to Atascadero and now works in his shop on Atascadero Creek.

Woodworking became Pete’s passion after injuries kept him from his second love, surfing (#1 being a tie between his wife and dog). Pete builds tables, cutting boards, lazy Susans, picture frames and more, using locally resourced walnut, sycamore, redwood, and whatever comes along that is interesting. Pete’s cutting and serving boards are made with food-safe finishes and glue, and all food contact pieces get a treatment of mineral oil mixed with bee’s wax.