Artist - Peggy Vrana

Peggy Vrana

"The potter’s wheel and the paintbrush are my vehicles through an intuitive landscape of ethnic design and ancient forms." Peggy has been involved in the arts her entire life, first as a fiber artist, then a woodworker and for the last 35 years as an artist/potter. Peggy throws her forms on the potter’s wheel. After bisque firing, she decorates these clay canvases first with a pencil sketch, then a wax painting followed by polychrome glaze inlay. Her work is then high fired in a gas kiln. Peggy's original designs are fluid and graceful and are inspired by ancient cultures mixed with her own life experiences. Peggy is the driving force that gathered together this group of artist friends to form Amphora Gallery in late 2012.

Peggy and Michael operated the EarthSea Pottery Gallery in Cambria from 1990 - 1996. Peggy and Michael have won many awards over the years, and their work is in private collections in 15 countries around the world.