Artist - George Zarolinski

Work Available at Amphora
Fused Glass Earrings

Artist Statement
I happily worked as a potter, then glass artist in New Mexico for 45 years. My husband and I moved to Arroyo Grande, California, in 2014, where we traded the mountains for the sea.

These earrings are fused in a kiln using dichroic glass. The brilliant colors of dichroic glass are the result of a high-tech process in which thin layers of metal oxides are deposited on the glass surface in a high-temperature vacuum furnace. This glass is spectacular in strong or low light and changes colors when viewed from different angles. I cut the dichroic glass and arrange it in different patterns, layer with black or clear glass, and fire in my kiln. Then I grind the edges and fire the small pieces again to polish. I finish the earrings with sterling silver findings.