Artist - Maia Ballis

Work Available at Amphora

Artist Statement
My creative process draws on the striking beauty in nature. I begin with an idea, but stay open to new possibilities, and as the pigments start to work on the paper, more interesting things often happen. 

Encouraged by my parents, I developed an early interest in art. In high school, I sold my first painting and won my first art award at graduation. I majored in Interior Design at the College of Arts & Crafts, but broadened my art skills over time working as a commercial artist, photographer, and writer. Continuing my painting part time, I started entering fine art competitions and winning awards. 

In the late 70s, my focus diverged into gardening, herbology and the healing arts; but I continued to draw and paint every chance I got.

My husband George and I spent 30 years creating Sun Mountain, an environmental research center in the Sierra foothills of Fresno County, demonstrating Permaculture gardening and building the first solar electric building in the county. The walls of the solar “SunHouse” were also my gallery, where my art helped to support the non-profit. I recently retired and am back to painting to my heart’s content.