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Artist Statement
Over 40 years ago, Mike Fisher crafted his first Secret Box that contained a love note for his girlfriend. Since then his passion for woodworking has grown into both a career and a world-renowned business, Heartwood Creations. Established in 1978 in Rockford, Illinois, out of a small garage in Mike Fisher's home, this was the first location for his business. After a decade, Heartwood moved into their current facilities and have been expanding and improving their product line and woodworking techniques ever since.

My passion for woodworking began as a child when I was inspired by watching my father make furniture for our home. When I joined the Boy Scouts, I read a book by Eric Sloane called "A Reverence for Wood." That book, in combination with my love for nature, gave me a deep appreciation for wood and trees.

Woodworking has always been therapeutic for me. It kept me engaged during tumultuous school years and became something meaningful that involved my heart and my hands. The workshop in my parent's basement quickly became my favorite and most productive outlet. My love for the medium and the joy I receive form working with my hands continues to inspire me decades later.

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