Artist - Debra Jurey

Work Available at Amphora
Beaded Jewelry

Artist Statement
Much of my inspiration for my jewelry comes from my love of nature and my travels around the world. I received a BA degree in fine art from CSU Northridge, after which I focused on pottery and fiber art. I enjoyed experimenting with color, shape, pattern, and functional objects.

Then I discovered the world of beading and have never looked back. I found the medium incredibly inspiring, with the unlimited variety and combinations of materials, colors, textures, and shapes.

I have taken beading classes with the talented Huib Petersen, and NanC Meinhardt. Each experience added new options to my repertoire.

I usually begin my designs with color, but style and function also play an important role in every piece I make. I often work with sterling silver and copper, crystals, gemstones, vintage objects, and special glass pieces. 

My enjoyment stems from sitting down before a blank slate and finishing with something that will eventually bring joy to others.