Artist - Mountain Robbins

Work Available at Amphora

Artist Statement
Judie Mountain has been a working artist for over 40 years and has been a leatherworker, stained glass artist, clothing designer, and for the past 25 years a jewelry designer-artist. She has developed a distinct artistic and very personal vision that is translated into all of her endeavors. Drawn to third-world cultures and indigenous people, Judie’s personal interpretations are strongly influenced by a love of primitive art and natural forms. A single piece of jewelry or art assemblage incorporates a vast array of components from around the world. Her latest creations include lampwork glass beads and metal clay charms she and Wayne create.

Wayne’s life as a glass artist lends truth to the adage that sometimes you find your life’s calling, and sometimes it finds you. Inspired by the purchase of a single lampwork bead, Wayne returned home inspired to explore the limitless possibilities of glass, and immediately set up a small studio. Wayne’s lampwork beads are sculptural forms inspired by nature, but uniquely interpreted.  From beautifully shaped glass pendants, demonstrating delicate flowers set in dichroic glass to whimsical, climbing creatures, Wayne’s unique visual vocabulary is expansive. Along with his life partner, Judie, Wayne collaborates with several glass and jewelry artists.