Artist - Michael Miller

Michael Miller

Michael "throws" on the potter’s wheel using porcelain or stoneware, exploring the constantly changing variables of form and balance in classic and natural forms. He begins the decorative process by first incising a fluid, gestural design in the wet clay, inspired by coastal landscapes and wildlife. After partially drying, the pieces are enhanced with texture, handmade stamps, handles or attachments, sculpting and pushing the clay, utilizing the inherent fluidity of the clay to give more life and movement to the decoration. After bisque firing, glazes are sprayed, poured and painted in an ever evolving, spontaneous decorative technique. The vessels are then high fired in a gas kiln to 2350f. Unloading the kiln is opening the door on the unknown, hoping for some beautiful gems. Each one of a kind piece has taken a unique journey in its trial by fire.

Michael began working in clay in 1967, majoring in art at LAPC, CSUN, and UCSB. He taught pottery for UCSB Extension and SB Adult Education through the 1970's. He has made his living as a studio artist/potter for 50 years, the last 35 years at his home studio in Cambria, CA.