Artist - David Levy

Work Available at Amphora
Fine woodworking

Artist Statement
David Levy is the founding artist of Hardwood Creations. He has been designing, developing and making wood products since 1977, when he was a student studying design at the University of California at Davis.

The artwork is made with solid pieces of domestic and exotic hardwood, some with unusual and stunning colors, to create beautiful and functional art with superior construction, artistic design and unusual flair. The goal of all of the work is to create art that can be seen, touched and enjoyed in everyday life. Joined by his friend Rick DeVeer and David’s sister Carolyn, they begin by selecting the finest materials from a variety of domestic and imported hardwoods. Then they combine traditional and modern woodworking techniques, including tongue and groove, dovetail joinery, and/or aliphatic pressure bonding followed by sculpting, shaping, and sanding.

Each piece is finished with a mineral oil or multiple coats of clear lacquer to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. No stains, paints, or dyes of any kind are used.

White Oak - Distinguished by its open-grain appearance and high strength. 

Maple - One of the hardest and lightest of the hardwoods. 

Peruvian Walnut - Distinguished by its nearly black color. 

African Paduak - Bright red in color. 

Sapele - Reddish brown with irregular grain patterns. Similar color to Honduras Mahogany. 

Zebra Wood - Tan colored with black grain.

Scandinavian Plywood - A fine birch plywood imported from Finland. The alternating light and dark layers result from the fact that neighboring layers have their grain directions at right angles to each other. This unusual effect can be verified by following a layer around an edge and noticing that it will change from dark to light or light to dark.

Wenge - Distinguished by its nearly black color.
Purple Heart - Distinguished by its dark purple color. 

Cherry - Pinkish colored wood. 

Australian Lacewood - Reddish brown wood. Distinguished by its flaky wood grain appearance. 

Iroko - A teak colored hardwood with beautiful grain. Very resistant to moisture.