Artist - Kat Revak



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Artist Statement
It’s all about the energy! For me, that’s what my jewelry is all about. I try to instill each piece with a tactile, contemporary feeling that has the power to transform.

All the sea glass and moonstone jewelry is created from pieces found on the Central Coast of California by me and my husband Mark, where we lived for six years and had “Destiny Gallery” on Bridge Street in Cambria.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, using only the natural glass which has not been polished or shaped in any way. The moonstones were collected from Moonstone Beach and then tumbled for a month in a tumbler to achieve their brilliant luminescence.

I have been a jeweler for all of my adult life, fabricating and hand casting each piece. I am completely self taught. My work is an evolving art which fulfills and sustains me. My hope is that all who wear it will appreciate and share in this ongoing adventure.

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