Artist - Jeanette Wolff

Work Available at Amphora
Multi-media Paintings

Artist Statement
Jeanette is a well known multi-media artist of the California Central Coast. She has been a competitive artist for over 40 years, has judged art shows, owned an art gallery, taught many workshops, and demonstrated for various art organizations. She is a signature member of several national and regional art organizations.

I just LOVE to paint! It's exciting and wonderful to try to convey, without words, my feelings. If my heart beats a little faster when I see or think "IT," then I know I have to try to paint "IT." So I just go for it. I try not to think too much or fuss with details. I like color and strokes and the freedom to express myself, so I try to forget about rules now that I know them. If I'm successful, the viewer might feel "IT" also. What a win-win activity!