Artist - Claudia Ariss

Work Available at Amphora
Contemporary Stained Glass

Artist Statement
Claudia Ariss’ unique, one-of-a-kind window and wall stained glass sculpture is influenced by her myriad experiences: living in the rainforests of Northern California, on the ocean and rivers in Oregon, in the jungles of Kauai, throughout the islands of the South Pacific, in the snowcapped mountains of Colorado, and now on the beautiful Central Coast of California. She happily invites you to share this beauty with her.

Claudia’s work has been described as contemporary, one-of-a-kind window and wall glass sculpture and has been called both "organic and honest" and “ancient yet contemporary” – a seeming contradiction, yet the two magically unite in Claudia’s work. These unique pieces are built utilizing myriad elements including head glass, mouth-blown or spun rondels, sliced agates, “bronzed” hardwood branches, beads, and shells. 

Each piece showcases Claudia’s signature decorative soldering. Both techniques utilize head glass, created when the ends of sheet glass are cut off after it comes out of the rollers at the factory. The heads have one smooth edge with unique curves and folds. This former throw-away glass has amazing personality; and though art pieces can have a similar feel and colors can be requested, none can be duplicated.