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4070 Burton Drive
Cambria, CA, 93428

(805) 927-8273

Amphora is a cooperative art gallery in Cambria, California. 

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Foxlo Pottery

"Everything in life has the ability to inspire.  Serendipity, artistic interplay, nature and the tactile, malleable quality of clay, inspire and carry us along to each finished piece.  The 'trial by fire' reinforces our humble aesthetic as we strive to create lasting artwork that forms the basis of our work" -Foxlo Pottery

Foxlo Galleries

About Foxlo pottery

Fox "throws" porcelain on the potters wheel, sometimes altering the shapes or adding handles before he hands it off to Lois.  When the piece has partially dried, Lois carefully carves her original designs inspired by nature using a variety of carving techniques that she has developed over her many years of working with clay.  After bisque firing, they use a variety of glazes developed to enhance their beautiful carving.  All of their fine art pottery is high fired and functional.  Foxlo has won many awards at Fine Art Festivals in California and Arizona. Contact Fox or Lois Garney at