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4070 Burton Drive
Cambria, CA, 93428

(805) 927-8273

Amphora is a cooperative art gallery in Cambria, California. 

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EarthSea Pottery

Husband and wife team Michael Miller and Peggy Vrana have made Art Pottery  for the last 35 years working individually and collaboratively. 

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About EarthSea Pottery 

Michael Miller


Michael "throws" on the potter’s wheel using porcelain or stoneware, exploring the constantly changing variables of form and balance in classic and natural forms. He begins the decorative process by first incising a fluid, gestural design in the wet clay, inspired by coastal landscapes and wildlife.  After partially drying, the pieces are enhanced with texture, handmade stamps, handles or attachments, sculpting and pushing the clay, utilizing the inherent fluidity of the clay to give more life and movement to the decoration. After bisque firing, glazes are sprayed, poured and painted in an ever evolving, spontaneous decorative technique.  The vessels are then high fired in a gas kiln to 2350f.  Unloading the kiln is opening the door on the unknown, hoping for some beautiful gems.  Each one of a kind piece has taken a unique journey in its trial by fire.

Michael began working in clay in 1967, majoring in art at LAPC, CSUN, and UCSB.  He taught pottery for UCSB Extension and SB Adult Education through the 1970's.  He has made his living as a studio artist/potter for over 47 years, the last 33 years at his home studio in Cambria, CA.

Margot Vrana 

Margot Vrana.jpg

Margot has been a painter and sculptor for over 70 years.  Now 93 years old, she still sculpts every day.  She has worked in paint, wood, stone, metal and photography, but sculpting in clay is her passion.  While studying art at Cooper Union in New York City, she carved her first goddess fertility figure in stone and over ensuing years has revisited the form in many variations.  As a street artist in Greenwich Village in the 1950's, she painted miniature portraits.  Her work is in collections from New York to California to the Virgin Islands.

Margot studied sculpture at ASU and Cuesta College before graduating from Cal Poly, SLO.  She lived and created her art in Baja, Mexico for 15 years and now lives with Michael and Peggy in Cambria.

"When I model these earth goddesses in clay, my hands and heart feel fulfilled, inspired somehow.  I believe the figures are imbued with the earth spirit.  I know they are imbued with love."

Peggy Vrana 


"The potter’s wheel and the paintbrush are my vehicles through an intuitive landscape of ethnic design and ancient forms."  Peggy has been involved in the arts her entire life, first as a fiber artist, then a woodworker and for the last 35 years as an artist/potter.  Peggy throws her forms on the potter’s wheel.  After bisque firing, she decorates these clay canvases first with a pencil sketch, then a wax painting followed by polychrome glaze inlay.  Her work is then high fired in a gas kiln.  Peggy's original designs are fluid and graceful and are inspired by ancient cultures mixed with her own life experiences. Peggy is the driving force that gathered together this group of artist friends to form Amphora Gallery in late 2012. 

Peggy and Michael operated the EarthSea Pottery Gallery in Cambria from 1990 - 1996.  Peggy and Michael have won many awards over the years, and their work is in private collections in 15 countries around the world.

Peggy Vrana's Studio in Cambria, California

Peggy Vrana's Studio in Cambria, California

Michael Miller's Studio in Cambria, California 

Michael Miller's Studio in Cambria, California